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The car does not start and makes a clicking noice continuously when I try to give ignition?

I try to give ignition and and the car makes continous clicking sound (click-click-click-click-click-click) and the noice stops once I stop trying to give ignition. I noticed the lights were dim so I jump started my car and it worked. I kept my car on for 10 minutes hoping to charge the battery. After 10 minutes I turned my class off took the keys out and started the car again. The car started without a problem.
So I thought the problem was solved. But today morning the its giving the same clicking noice like yesterday and I cannot start the car. The light are dim again I don’t know what to do.

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17 Responses to “The car does not start and makes a clicking noice continuously when I try to give ignition?”

  1. CityGent said :

    Yer batterys dead lad. Get yersen to Kwik Fit and get a new one.

  2. greenloftdog said :

    get a mechanic.

  3. claudia_trosso said :

    change the battery

  4. Thick Chick said :

    you need a new batterey bud!!

  5. pathfinder said :

    Could be a bad battery connection, bad battery cable, or something else in the electrical sustem. Check the battery connections to see if it has any corrosion,, and see to it that the terminals are tight.

  6. Bandit said :

    Take your battery to any auto place, they will test it for free and tell you it’s dead. Get a new one.

  7. Ashley said :

    I think its called an alternater.It is what keeps that battery charged.

  8. captn_carrot said :

    Autozone and other places will test the battery for free to see if it’s the battery. If you bought it from them, I think they charge it for free or a couple bucks.

    You may want to get them to test the alternator to ensure your getting enough juice to the battery.

    I am thinking it may the starter. Mine was clicking on a Dodge. The starter/solenoid on it comes as complete package.

    Do it from least to most expensive. Battery / Alternator testing. Battery charge / purchase if needed. Then the starter.

    Good luck.

  9. eferrell01 said :

    You battery either has a dead cell, or something is running it down while the engine is off. Get a new battery and be sure to drive long enough for it to fully charge and see the results the next day. If it is still charged up, you’re in business, if not look for shorts in the wiring, bad alternator, stuck relay, etc.
    99% of the time it is a bad battery.

  10. pendleton4068 said :


  11. greywolf0053 said :

    dead battery/not charging…the “clicking” is the solenoid….

  12. Deborah K said :

    You need a new battery.

  13. anonymourati said :

    The clicking sound you are hearing is the starter solenoid switch trying to engage the starter motor. This is an electromagnetic switch housed on the side of the starter that serves to thrust that starter’s drive gear forward to engage the gear on the flywheel to begin to furn the engine until the ignition catches and it can run on its own.

    Almost certainly what you have is a weak and failing battery that has enough power to engage the starter solenoid, but not enough to turn the starter and the engine, which requires much more current.

    Now the question is, why is the battery weak? If it is old, say three years or more, it simply may no longer be able to hold a charge sufficient to the task. On the other hand, if it is a fairly new battery, then there is a reason it is losing its charge. Most commonly this would be a bad alternator (which produces the current when the engine runs to recharge the battery), a bad voltage regulator (which controls the current and transmits it evenly without spikes) or a bad connection somewhere in the circuit.

    You can get the battery tested for free at most gas stations. If you have a volt meter you can check the output of the alternator yourself and it should be somewhere between 13.5 and 15 volts (a little more than the 12 volt system requires to allow for recharging). A gas station can also check the alternator output for very little money.

  14. pool player said :

    They already told you it is the battery but I would also check the starter. But it probably the fact that you need a new battery. You can pull the battery and take it to an auto parts stor to have it checked before purchasing a new one.

  15. MARYANN R said :

    when you jumped started you battery you should have let it run longer then 10 minutes. because when you started it the second time you used up the charge If i were you I would get a new battery.

  16. home mechanic24 said :

    dead battery , it is not your alternater if it was it would not have started back after you shut it off after leaving it run for ten minutes your battery is bad it looses charge after sitting overnight

  17. Luther Quelch said :

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