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Sunday car repair when not in your home town?

My brother has been stranded on some long trips due do his Jeep breaking down. What should he do when he is stuck far away from his hometown and his car breaks down? He could always tow it 147 miles home, but are there any Sunday repair shops around? He is currently stuck in Birmingham, AL and he is checking his fluids.

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2 Responses to “Sunday car repair when not in your home town?”

  1. davedebo198305 said :

    hate to say this more more places are closed on Sunday ever alot of your autoparts stores are.

    Good Luck!

  2. dodge man said :

    some shops have emergency numbers you can call and they will come out and get the car,he needs to call some of the repair shop numbers or ask some of the local tow shops they will know of these shops,some do offer emergency service for week end break downs,good luck.


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