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If I start lifting weights could that help me lose weight and at the same time gain muscle?

I also want to start drinking that muscle milk/protein shake, should I wait to drink those until I lose weight or not? Because do they make you gain weight?
I am on the little overweight side, I weigh 245 lbs.
I am on the little overweight side, I weigh 245 lbs.

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5 Responses to “If I start lifting weights could that help me lose weight and at the same time gain muscle?”

  1. Nico said :

    yes. weight lifting will help you lose and gain muscle at the same time. Those protein shake will not make you fat as long as you keep lifting weight. Try to drink after you workout!!!

  2. enano said :

    I am on a high protein diet, I do cardio and lift weight from december till now I have lost a total of 65lbs and see more muscle than before. Also remember that muscles burns more calories thatn fat, so this will speed up your metabolism. hope this helps

  3. Fitness Guru said :


    Muscle actually burns calories for a very long time. Days. I actually have done a lot of research into the subject. You want to put your body into a muscle growth stage. You then continuously keep it in that growth stage. [reference ]This will do 2 things: pack on muscle fast; lose fat fast. And, by fast, I don’t mean, liposuction fast 🙁 I mean 20 days to add 11 pounds of muscle. Since you’re saying you have fat on you, then you wouldn’t see the 11 pounds on the scale. You would then concentrate on noticing your size differences: chest; arms; legs; hips; waist; calves; neck; cheeks. If you can get a fat check weekly, that would be great.

    As far as supplements go, I would not recommend them until you reach your first plateau. Protein is not a supplement though. However, there is a lot of marketing out there. They say protein shake, and what it turns out to be is a fat shake, tastes great and you gain 5lbs of fat in a week drinking it.

    If you want to drink a protein supplement, make sure it is whey protein isolate: no sugars; no sucralose, dexstrose, maltose, altose … any ose; no carbs. Just pure protein. Not even a flavor. You want the protein, not a candy bar. In that powder you can blend in fresh fruit.

    Once you get your body into the muscle building stage, you will burn calories for 2 days in that muscle group. However, it doesn’t burn fat in that area, it just burns calories. Don’t get that confused. So no need to hurry and get back to that muscle group. Give each muscle group 2 days of rest in between workouts. Which is perfect. You work that muscle group, it burns calories for 2 days, you rest it for 2 days and then come back. After you’ve hit all muscle groups and get into the groove of working each every 2 days you’ll be continuously burning calories from all of your muscle in your body. The fat will fly off.

    Be sure to rest. Resting builds muscle. The workout tears up the muscle. When you rest, it builds back up stronger. See?

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