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How to find glasses that will fit tight and not fall off when active?

How to I find a perfect fit? I want to be able to do a front/back flip without my glasses falling off. Im pretty active and need my glasses to stay on perfectly without drooping or slipping down or off. Im looking for glasses with no adjustable nose piece. Are there brands for this kind of glass I want? Want to spend about 150 for frame.

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One Response to “How to find glasses that will fit tight and not fall off when active?”

  1. English Angel said:

    i would reccomend glasses with the little rubber nose pieces, and made of metal not moulded plastic

    rubber nose pieces grip the nose well and can be adjusted for a comfortable/stable fit i know this is contradicting you but this is my opinion

    metal frames will be able to be adjusted to fit the face better, and if they are impacted they will bend back into shape easier (as logn as its only minor damage

    also i recomend you get plastic lenses because if you do break them, you will cause a whole lot less damage to yourself


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