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How soon do you gain weight and collect fat after you eat a bunch of junk food?

I’m trying to get some weight and I ate two pizzas and some mcdonalds and ice cream in two days, how soon do u think I will gain weight? How much junk food do I have to eat to gain weight and how soon will I gain weight after eating junk food? A few days? A few weeks? Or does it take like a month to process? Thanks.

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6 Responses to “How soon do you gain weight and collect fat after you eat a bunch of junk food?”

  1. Josh said :

    By the time you’ve gained weight your arteries will be blocked, then they’ll explode and you’ll die if you eat all that shit.

    So, in answer to your orginal question, forever.

  2. easygoing157 said :

    calories in… more than calories out…equals weight gain…

    weigh the food before you eat it… thats how much more weight gain you have afterwards..

  3. Real said :

    If you want to gain weight, this is the wrong way to do it. Your gaining weight the unhealthy way, so soon you’ll be fat a slob. Try eating things that are good for you with a lot of carbs, and try gaining muscle.

  4. dlx106 said :

    Depends on the days and weeks really.

    3500 calories over your maintenance number of calories = 1 pound of fat.

    So if you ate 500 calories more than you burned every day you would gain 1 pound. Because over the week 3500/7 = 500, so you eat 500 every day to gain 1 pound.

    It depends on your metabolism and lifestyle, but I’d say that’s a sure fire way to gain weight if you keep that up for a while.
    Can’t see why you’d wanna gain fat though.

  5. flare7571728 said :

    dude, dude, take it from a fat slob, I used to eat like this, up until this week actually. you’ll feel sick and your whole body will have very painful inflamation and you wont actually gain a whole lot of weight like that. if you wanna gain weight, then yeah eating greasy foods is fun, but no more than once or twice a week or you’ll just get sick, eat lots of pastas and red meat, stay away from sodas because carbonation just makes you bloated, also drink, drinking makes you fat in a hurry

    also dont weigh your food before you eat it… you’ll crap it out in like a day, it doesnt count as weight gain…

  6. Elliot S said :

    This is a quick way to gain weight. Don’t eat at all for like 3 days, and then eat like crazy on the fourth. Your metabolism will slow down and when you eat you will gain weight crazy fast.


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