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How much weight do machines take off compared to free weights?

I know that machine weights are a bit lighter, but how much lighter are they compared to free weights?

Also, I think that free weights are better because you gain more muscle since you have to keep every weight in-line as you proceed with the motion of every exercise.

The only good thing about machines is that they seclude certain muscle groups to help with the growth of certain muscles. I have heard that is not all great though because muscles work together and should remain working together during weight lifting, otherwise it could hurt you in the long-run.

Also true?

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3 Responses to “How much weight do machines take off compared to free weights?”

  1. giggsy said :


  2. mme_greaves said :

    I’m not sure about weight difference between the two, but free weights are better because the muscles are isolated when you’re running them thru the range of motion for that particular exercise (with machines you don’t have to stabilize your body as much, or maintain balance, which also helps to work your muscles).

    Also, when using free weights (or doing exercises with free weights, like lunges) for both arms or both legs at once, each is working independently of the other, so the stronger arm/leg doesn’t overcompensate for the weaker, which happens when you’re using machines.

  3. da_jtac_0 said :

    that is all true. free weights are a lot better then machines. not all machines take off weight. machines like the bowflex that simulate weights really really lower the weight. stay far away from them. machines that use real weights just on a machine dont lower the weight but are still locking you into a set range of motion and that is not good and will definetly hurt you in the long run and could give you many injurys


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