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How much weight do I have to lose to get rid of my fat cheeks?

I’d say I have about 20-30 lbs extra weight on me, and I have chubby cheeks lol. But that’s subject to change since I have basically no muscle on my body so I might not lose as much weight and I might gain muscle. Anyways, do you think my cheeks will look less swollen after 10lbs?
At my healthy weight my cheeks were almost hollow.

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9 Responses to “How much weight do I have to lose to get rid of my fat cheeks?”

  1. cuzimdadthatswhy said :

    how do you plan on exercising your face?

  2. helpme said :

    maybe…some people just have rounder faces…i have an extra 20/30 on me but i have a very thin face so it doesnt show as much as it would on some else my weight with a rounder face…but what was you face like 10 lbs ago…that would be the answer to your question

  3. Kait said :

    It really depends on what your body is like. Some people don’t lose weight in their face for a while and just lose in other places. But as you lose weight, no matter what amount, your face will probably appear slimmer.

  4. wattoman28 said :

    yes even more so if you take of 20 lbs and even more so again if you go to 30 lbs.
    if you want some muscle form, go cycling for your legs and it will help you absolutely melt the weight off (DON’T DAWDLE!! you’ve got to push yourself when you cycle). and of course push-ups, crunches and all that shit for the rest of your body, and cut out the crap food and your set.
    good luck have fun, hoped i answered your question, probably gave you more than you asked but oh-well.

  5. mansionghost said :

    that first few puonds takes it ouf of your face

    Have you treid this excerise video

  6. Zak said :

    you should do this not only does it get u into shape it also looks hot

  7. Healthy Helen said :

    Body weight is nothing to do with your face…Some people are god gifted with chubby cheeks.D’nt do tough exercises as you will be harming yourself.Just do some face massages.

  8. [email protected] said :

    If you look at the faces of people around you, you’ll probably notice that some fat people don’t have round faces while some thin people do. It’s true that faces can change a little as you lose or gain weight, but they don’t have to. Chances are that this is just the face you were born with, and what’s so terrible about chubby cheeks anyway? They’re cute. 🙂

  9. Rumble Roller Canada said :

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