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how much should I pay for car repair a year?

I have a 99 s10 blazer. How much a year should I expect to pay for car repairs? So far I have spent 4500 dollars in car repairs and labor. How much longer til I can just do a simple oil change? I have 148k

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7 Responses to “how much should I pay for car repair a year?”

  1. tomfoolery said :

    Blazers, especially older Blazers, are simply not reliable. There is no way anyone can tell you what you’ll be spending in the future. Anything and everything can go wrong with them, even parts you’ve already replaced, or work already done. Personally speaking though, I wouldn’t pay for any more major repairs. Instead, buy a newer, more reliable vehicle when the blazer goes again.

  2. mccoyblues said :

    Since we don’t know the time frame for the $4500 it’s hard to put that figure into any perspective. But you can be certain of one thing, you will never come to a time when ” a simple oil change” is all the repairs an old truck will ever need.

    Maintenance is a fact of life with all cars, new or old. You have parts that naturally wear out with time like brakes, tires, electrical switches and soft material (interior) components. Then you have mechanical components that wear with use. Any movable part including suspension components and internal engine parts that naturally wear out.

    Assuming that the car hasn’t been abused or neglected up until now major repairs should only be required once or twice a year and should not run you more than $500 or $600 each time. Add in the routine monthly maintenance like oil changes and new wiper blades and you’ll spend $1200 a year keeping your car on the road.

    Enjoy your truck, maintain in properly and be happy that you aren’t making regular $400 a month payments. Saving you $3800 each year that you keep your old truck..

  3. dani_byrne said :

    next time it needs anything more pricey than a fan belt, get a new car. In fact, i’d put it up for sale while it’s running well and get what I could, and get a different car!

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