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How do I make my car smell like brand new when it was first bought?

Notice that new smell of a brand new car? Nothing feels as great as having your car smell like brand new. It just gives a great feeling. Unfortunately, the smell is temporary and you might be interested in purchasing another new car in the future just for that smell. But isn’t there something I could buy for the car so it smell like brand new again?

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11 Responses to “How do I make my car smell like brand new when it was first bought?”

  1. Mercedes A said :

    There are car air freshners (the ones you hang from your rearview mirror) that are “New car scent” apparently…it gives your car that “new car” smell…haven’t tried it myself though.
    You can purchase them at gas stations for just a few dollars…

  2. Guitargod said :

    Most dealers use armourall you can get it to just about anywhere. It makes stuff shiny and smell like new car works great!

  3. Gillian said :

    Any store would sell an air freshner with that “new car” scent. You can get the old school trees that smell that way (I think they’re blue). You can also get a spray to make your care smell that way. I bought both a spray and an air freshner when I bought a used car, just so I would have that smell. I was able to get them at my local Walmart.

  4. GM man said :

    Yeah, The Blue little trees at Wal Mart or any discount auto parts store (the blue ones are the new car smell, and they are darn close to it)

  5. dodge man said :

    all the parts stores have whats called new car smell in a bottle,its not very expensive and is actually close to what a new car smells like,i i use it in mine sometimes,and it works,nothing will replace the new car smell but this stuff works really well,and last for a while,then you re-spray it,good luck.

  6. CARL G H said :

    nope, that smell came from the materials used, the seat padding, the seat material the headliner, the carpet underlayment, the carpetting add the clean no dust condition inside the dash board and never opperated components. thats the smell and even a fresh custom bumper to bumper build doesnt replicate that totally

  7. H-man said :

    I know what you mean, I used to drive them often to deliver them.
    Go to the dealer groomer who preps them and get them to do NV grooming.
    It is the closest you will get.

  8. sharpeilvr said :

    I don’t think so, the stuff you buy that says “new car smell” sure doesn’t work, but do you smoke or eat in it, that will cause the smell to go away quick. We have an “05” PU that still smells like it did in “05”.

  9. fishineasy said :

    You know what Dad the type air freshener I buy called CALIFORNIA SCENTS (the kind with the pull top can (small)) are wonderful. They have a scent that is called “New Car Scent” and it is great. Everyone always comments on how great my truck smells when I use any of the air fresheners that this company makes. You can get them at most car washes and Lowe’s sells them too.

    Have a great week-end Dad. Great to hear from you.


  10. kiki said :

    car fresheners!!!!

  11. Shana Ritzer said :

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