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How can you measure the amount of weight you lose of your total weight lose in a competion?

At work we are having a “Biggest Loser ” weight lose challenge of 5 woman ,but we all weigh different amounts of weight who ever loses the most percent of their weight will win $180.00 How would you determine the weight lose to be fair ? Would it be the percent of weight lost or by pounds lost?

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3 Responses to “How can you measure the amount of weight you lose of your total weight lose in a competion?”

  1. christina :] said :

    it would be the percent because lets say the biggest person weighs 250 and the smallest weighs 140… it wouldn’t be fair because the bigger person could take a walk and lose a pound and the smallest could take a walk and lose an ounce…

  2. bellamiella said :

    find out how each person weighs in pounds, stone or whatevers easiest for you first, and take off what each person has lost at the end. i dont know how its so hard to do!!!

    two people, one person started off as 150 and the other person 164
    at the end the first person now weighs 132 and the second weighs 153.

    150 – 132 = 18
    164 – 153 = 11

    the first person won because they lost the most amount of pounds.

  3. ready2go67 said :

    You divide lbs lost by the starting weight of that week/

    So if you weighed 200 lbs & then lost 5 lbs that week, you divide 5 (lbs lost) by 200 (current weight). So .02%
    Each week you divide the lbs lost by the CURRENT weight from previous weigh in. That will be the most fair way & the same as they do it on Biggest Loser.

    Good luck to you & your office buddies!


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