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How can I transfer a car title from florida to california online?

The owner of the car lost the title which the car comes from florida. The owner is currently not presently in florida nor california at this time. The car’s title needs to be transfered to someone in california where the car currently is. I recall seeing a online program that does all the paperwork for you and basically eases the proces to do it online. Does anyone know any of these that would help to do this online?

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2 Responses to “How can I transfer a car title from florida to california online?”

  1. Teddybearalso said :

    Cannot be done online. If a Title is lost, you have to apply to the State the Title is from and get that before you can Title it in another State. A Replacement Title must be applied for by the person on the Title and if it had a Lien printed on it, even though that Lien is satisfied or paid off, the application for the Replacement Title has a section that the former Lien Holder must fill out and have notarized also, even though the Lien is paid. Then once the Duplicate Title is received you can go change it over. California you must take it into the DMV, as they will go out to your car and physically check the VIN Number to verify it. This cannot be done online.

  2. Entidtil said :

    You cannot do it online and you cannot do it period if you don’t have a title for the car. Heck, the car might not belong to the seller, the car might have a lien on it or it could be stolen? The seller MUST furnish the buyer with a valid title at the time of the sale. They Buyer should never give anyone a plug nickel without first having that title in their hands……………………basically


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