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How can I lose weight around my lower belly and inner thighs?

I’m around 115 pounds and 15 years old, so I don’t want those extreme weight loss programs. I’m also not looking to diet, just some exercizes and tips on how to reduce weight gain and up weight loss in these areas.

All tips are appreciated. (:

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3 Responses to “How can I lose weight around my lower belly and inner thighs?”

  1. mohmmad said :

    because you can’t “spot” reduce fat , you must decrease your overall fat. The magical equation is decreasing ” a little” your calories, do running for 45 min for five days a week. Also some body weight exercises: push ups, crunches, squat for at least 15 min EVERYDAY and increase gradually.

  2. SimpleLife said :

    Drink more water, eat less (if not all) junk food and grain (bread, pasta, etc…). Start walking and do exercise to strengthen the areas you mentioned. Walking and swimming are great low intensity exercises. For the inner thigh try pilates or the adductor machine for something more specific.

    You are going to need to cut calories to make it work; you can’t lose weight by eating more calories than you burn (your body stores extra calories as fat, therefore eat less to burn off these calories). Running/walking in the morning for at least 25-30 minutes before eating is a great way to get rid of excess fat. And as a rule diets don’t work; you need to change the way you live to change your body.

    Good luck with your goal 🙂

  3. B-Boy Sky said :

    Hi Reina,
    you might want to start doing squats, lunges and leg swings (backwards & side to side). Mix that with leg-raise crunches and side crunches (or full situps if you want to maximize the leverage).

    Search on youtube for examples and other recommendations.

    Remember, you always gain more muscles and burn more when you work on the negative. Meaning, When you bring yourself back down, you gotta do it slowly with control if you want maximum results.
    Oh yeah, wolfgang should just kill himself for giving the dumbest answer ever.

    Have a great workout! 🙂


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