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How can i loose fit back into my clothes from last summer before this summer?

I really want to be able to fit back into my clothes from last summer. I would probably have to loose 10-15 pounds. Have any ideas? I would like to do this fast because im going to the beach in a few weeks. Does anyone know a fast way to do this by exercising?

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One Response to “How can i loose fit back into my clothes from last summer before this summer?”

  1. diamond said :

    Here are some suggestions based on what I did successfully:
    First, cut all sodas from your diet. Replace them with water and 100% juice.

    Cut down on sugar and save desserts for special occasions. That doesn’t mean you have to wait for a birthday party or holiday. It just means if you want a cookie or slice of cake, make it three cookies and a small slice of cake. Try to keep it to about once a week. Replace the sweets with fresh fruit.

    Avoid anything with corn syrup or high fructose corn syrup. Regardless to what the advertisements say, neither is good for you. I will post a link in the source section.

    Cut down on fast food. If you want a hamburger, make it yourself. Broil or bake the hamburger patty because this will eliminate a lot of the fat. Use fresh tomatoes and lettuce. Do not use catchup if it has corn syrup in it.

    Eat three meals and two snacks per day. Surprisingly, this will help you lose weight. Snack on fresh nuts that are either baked or not processed. Other snacks are fruits and veggies. This is another great surprise, as a snack you eat eat a frozen fudge bar. Chocolate is great for you. They have some that are healthy, I think they are Smart Ones or Healthy Choice.

    Cut down on salt. Salt makes your body retain water. Just cut down on it if you like salt and need it.

    Steam veggies instead of loading them with fats.

    Do not deny yourself any food. Dieting doesn’t mean you have to be hungry. And, for sure, denying yourself food you want is going to make it really hard to stick to your plan. Just don’t go overboard.

    Walk at least 30 minutes per day or some other exercise. Do you bowl? Any sports? Just step it up a little.

    Most important, drink plenty of water.

    This really worked for me. I went from a twelve to an eight in a couple of months. Below are some resources for you.


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