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How can i get rid of fat around my stomach?

I’m 13 i am losing weight (from 115 down to 109 in a few months) but i still cant get the fat to come off. How can i target the fat to burn it off my abdominal region. Any special exercises for that would be really appreaciated. I walk for about an hour and a half at a medium pace 3-4 times a week so please help
I am a boy and i just really want to know how to target the stomach fat.

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4 Responses to “How can i get rid of fat around my stomach?”

  1. Strakkla said :

    Six pounds doesn’t really matter, however, running is probably best for losing weight.

  2. kat said :

    if youre a girl its almost impossible to get rid of that fat. trust me, dont even try

  3. 2010 said :

    You are 13, don’t take pills or anything… Just eat right foods, excercise normally. It’s harder for women to lose weight. Don’t stop eating. Don’t go on any ‘strange’ diets. Eat normally. If anything, eat smaller portions but enough to keep you full. try not to over eat. or eat tons of sugars and stuff. Every morning, do some crunches – where you lay on your back and bring your chest to your knees… start out with about 5. adn every day add two more to what you did the previous week. it will help tone your body – just remember, muscle weighs more than fat. don’t go by a scale. try going by how you fit in your jeans, or how flatter you become. Scales are the enemy…

    Doesn’t walking tone your thighs and butt region? I’m pretty sure that just helps with toning the legs and whatnot.

    rule ONE – throw out JUNK FOOD
    rule TWO – carbs. they are essential.
    Refined flours and the foods that they create, such as white bread, pasta, donuts, cakes and biscuits should be avoided. They can cause bloating, poor digestion, and lead to accumulation of fat. “Good carbs”, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, should be eaten instead. Try wholemeal breads. Oats, Oatmeal, Brown Rice are also good!
    rule THREE – byebye to late night snacks…!
    rule FOUR – no alcohol consumption [you are only 13 – so i dont think this relates]
    rule FIVE – excercise for weight loss! they say its best to have a mixture of workouts so you tone a bit of everything – walking, cycling, crunches, pushups… etc.

    good luck! i lived by those rules for about a year or so. i lost a lot of weight. i use to be able to fit into some handmedowns [size 14] i can easily slide into a size four. and a dress – size two.

  4. Samora said :

    Sit-ups works

    And after that NEVER drink sodas and NEVER eat junk foods at all time. I have a friend, who’s arms are fat but her stomach isn’t because he doesn’t and never will, eat those kind of junks.


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