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Car Help Please! I have to push brake pedal Super hard to make the car start? What to do?

On a 91 Thunderbird I have to press the brake pedal ridiculously hard to make the car start. It’s gradually gotten worse over a few months and now it’s to the point where I can’t even do it, my husband has to. But when the car is running the brake works just fine, no problems at all, don’t have to push any extra harder or anything…it’s only when starting the car.
What could the problem be and can I fix it myself? Any suggestions, tips? Thanks.

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9 Responses to “Car Help Please! I have to push brake pedal Super hard to make the car start? What to do?”

  1. Cowboy98 said :

    Sees like the switch on the brake pedal is loose or broken. Look under the dash and follow the brake pedal linkage. Somewhere along you should find a switch or a button. I think it has come loose.

  2. bchaller001 said :

    sounds like you have a bad brake booster,assuming the brake pads and shoes are good. bring it to a reputable repair shop to check it out for you they should not charge you to look at it.

  3. Becca said :

    I agree with the other people on both their ideas except why are you pushing the brake to start the car? it should start without the brake. do you mean clutch?

  4. Bruce said :

    I can guarantee that you’ll need to replace what’s called a “brake light switch”.

    It’s a cheap, simple, and quick repair, and it’s a common problem with older Fords.

  5. choko1us said :

    Brake switch, i get a car towed into my shop every couple of weeks for this. the switch will run you around 15 bucks at a regular parts house for that vehicle.

  6. Sarah Gafigan said :

    duct tape

  7. John said :

    it is the “brake switch” is under the dash where the pedal is. runs like for 12 buks at autozone. but if you have cruise control it runs like for 30 buks. easy to do.

  8. Brian W said :

    check to see if your brake lights work when you push the brake. if they require a strong force, then your brake switch might be out of adjustment. your car should start without the brake being pushed though. and if you did have a bad brake booster as suggested before, your brakes would be horrible when driving.

  9. tonyprudhoe said :

    how do you have to press the pedal to start the car ?? do you mean to turn over the engine ie cranking


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