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50cc moped that looks like a motorbike, but can i get an automatic one of these?

Im looking for a Moped that looks like a motorbike 😛 but it has to be automatic cause i cba with a manual = to complicated 😛 any help out there?

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7 Responses to “50cc moped that looks like a motorbike, but can i get an automatic one of these?”

  1. Dragunov-21 said :

    Short answer – no.

    There are a couple of 250cc models, IIRC, but they’re rare as hen’s teeth.

    Only readily available auto-bike is the Honda DN-1, which is way out of your range (both ccs, size, and dollars).

    If I’m honest, if you really want a bike, but can’t figure out shifting, I don’t think you could spread your concentration around enough to give yourself a good chance of staying alive on two wheels for long.

    You’re gonna be stuck with mopeds if you want an auto.

  2. Vincent said :

    Short answer, no

    Just get Aprilia RS 50 and learn the gears

  3. Philip P said :


    available as a 49cc moped a 125 restricted and 180cc
    fully automatic twist and go, handles like a real bike great fun to ride.
    I’ve ridden one and the experience was fantastic except the lack of engine braking for a corner.

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