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What is the difference between hybrid & electric cars ?

Hybrid and electric cars both use technology. They are designed to lessen the use of fuel to power engines. Electric cars uses mainly electricity and must be charged and plugged in. the range of electric cars is only based on the car’s charge. Hybrid cars use a combination of electricity and gas. Some of them are modified to use only electricity except for emergencies.

Today, most car models use up electricity because it runs more efficiently and quietly with reasonable ranges . Automakers were inspired to innovate due to emissions and oil crisis. These cars captured the eye of the public and slowly growing in popularity.

Awareness in the environment and being foreign oil-dependent pushed some of the car owners to change their gasoline cars to use electricity. In terms of speed, there is not much of a difference; sometimes, electric cars have longer range when the charge is increased. In addition, electric cars are nonpolluting and powered using clean energy like hydropower or wind, which captured the attention of eco-conscious consumers.

Some electric car owners who are not that satisfied with the performance of their vehiclels turn to hybrid cars. Many manufacturers include hybrid cars in their lineup. Hybrid cars have rechargeable batteries that charges while running, as well as the conventional gas tank. The electricity is used for small drives and if the car is at rest, while the gasoline engine becomes enabled if the driver wants to burst driving in a higher speed.

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