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What is the best starter motorcycle for me?

Im 190 lb, 6’1”, iv never rid-in a real motorcycle before just dirt bikes and small kid motorcycles. I was wondering what is the best starter motorcycle for me, I like choppers but there usually expensive and I didn’t want to spend more than $5,000. It’s only for transport around a small town and just to get to school. What is the best bike? It would also be helpfull it is big and heavy it would help bring my dad to allowing it since he is sort of against it.

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12 Responses to “What is the best starter motorcycle for me?”

  1. Grace said:

    First motorcycle? Totally go for a crotch rocket!

  2. BioHazard said:

    honda rebel and yamaha vstar 250 are two good starter cruisers. they may be a little small, though. the vstar 650 is a decent choice, and they start under $7000 new. a used one would be much cheaper, obviously

  3. Michael said:

    2009 KLX™250S. 70 miles per galon. can go on or off road. and its not heavy. if i had the money i would buy it.4.999 msrp. =)

  4. Bad L said:

    600cc or less

  5. Jim! said:

    First season 250cc, no matter what

    If you do not crash in the first season, you can get what you prefer.

    Too many young folks like yourself die in their first year, from listening to idiots that say you should have a sport bike as your first bike, these are the same people that tell people on buildings to jump.

    $5,000 is too much for your first bike, so no problems there.

  6. Max Cruise said:

    DO NOT buy a sport bike.
    These are street legal race machines. Terrible machine for the inexperienced rider.
    I would suggest a dual sport motorcycle. I picked up a used Kawasaki KLR 650 a couple of years ago and I like it around town. I averaged 55 to 58 mpg commuting to and from work. Really handy when gas was over $4 a gallon.
    Used KLR’s are plentiful. There is lots of after market accessories. Motorcycle is easy to work on.
    I would change the brake pads, install more road worthy tires, and re-jet the carb.
    A vast source of info can be found on the Adventure Rider website.
    Good Luck.

  7. david b said:

    Jim makes the most valid point. Be safe first and foremost.

    Max Cruise is also correct with the suggestion of a Dual Sport bike. I rode a Suzuki DR 650 for couple of years and loved it. I’ve had about 50 bikes in my 50 yrs on earth and any of them will get you hurt.

    Good to see seasoned riders like Jim and Max steering the way for the new guys.

  8. Paul C said:

    We see this question pretty often, but the family angle is new. So let me start there. If you are going to seriously compromise the relationship with your father, work on that before taking the plunge. Show him that you’re serious about safety by taking the Motorcycle Safety Class before shopping. Check into insurance rates. Ask him questions about coverage. Show him that you’re safe in the car. Don’t get any speeding tickets or drive with a heavy foot on the accelerator. Bottom line, best to prepare him by showing dad that you’re ready.

    Beyond that, there are limitless choices in motorcycles. Big and heavy isn’t a great place to start since once they start to tip, there’s no stopping them! Light and fast – the Honda CBR, Suzuki GSX-R, etc – are not the typical best first bike as they are very powerful and can do more than what a new rider is ready to do!

    So starting small is not a bad way to go. Go sit on a few and see how they work for you. Try a few on – you can usually sit on them but not ride them – and remember what you intend to do with the bike. I like the Ninja 250 and Ninja 500 right now. Personally, I got back into riding on the Suzuki SV650 – but took it VERY easy at the start. But good to start with something manageable in size and move up when you’re ready. Otherwise life can be too short! Good luck!

  9. Bart S said:

    I noticed there are plenty of Harley Davidson 883 Sportsters in the classified adds for sell really cheap.
    Just was looking at a 2001 with only 800 miles for only $3100
    This bike would make a perfect chopper, you can buy chopper kits for this bike for around $800 using the existing 21 inch front wheel, you need a 21″ front wheel for a chopper anyhow.

  10. Curious said:

    My first bike was a Kawasaki 500. Theyre good starter bikes. After about 6000 miles within the first season I traded up to a Harley Superglide.

  11. Mikey B said:

    go to a place like honda yamaha and other people and sit on a bike fine a bike that is most comfortable and test ride it and also make sure th price is rite for you to

  12. cobiker17 said:

    Anything that you like. Everyone loves to talk about going small and moving up as you get more experienced. This is the stupidest advice ever. Performance and control all stem from power. Learn how to ride properly and any bike within reason will be fine.


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