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What is the best car you would recommend to buy as your first car?

I have recently passed my test and i am looking for a car £500- £1200, what is the best car i could buy around that price ? Any ideas ?

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12 Responses to “What is the best car you would recommend to buy as your first car?”

  1. C Plus Plus said:

    Honda civic

  2. kelly_f_1999 said:

    nissan or a ford only two that has ever held up under hard driving

  3. JimmyPBoneSteak said:

    ford fiesta
    ford ka
    vauxhall corsa

  4. Rebecca said:

    Second hand car of your choice.

  5. Bend it like Bender said:

    Opel(vauxhall) Not to expensive and it’s not bad quality

  6. trish s said:

    Ford Fiesta,brilliant little cars……………

  7. CALLUM W said:

    keep the cc low 1000cc and as big as 1300cc low insurance for that sort of cash you could get a nice ;littel run around as young as 2002 toyota yaris littel metros feiesta ford ka just depens on your personal choise. click on ebya cars type 1.0 in and on the side bar click yr maximum prise as 1500 its will featch up all the 1.0 cars under 1500 ppounds
    not foudn any thing u like there try 1.1 and then 1.2 and then 1.3 and ull get an iead of wt car u can and will like for your money hope this helps

  8. Golfer Girl =) said:

    A mini; cheap and cheap to repair. Good handling and good looks. What else do you need???

  9. Bill said:

    It should be 4-door, 4-cyls, not sporty. I would prefer Honda or Toyota… First time drivers usually have much more expensive car insurance, and it depends from car. You should compare insurance rates while choosing the car – for example here –

  10. Clay H said:

    a honda civic, preferrably a ’96 or newer if you can afford it, is a pretty good car (at least with the stick shift). I’d say get something sportier, but you can’t really afford that. the VW golf and jetta from about ’95 onwards are good too, but too expensive to maintain and worse on gas and safety. the toyota corolla and nissan sentra are ok too, but super boring. the dodge neon and chevy cavalier are even cheaper but crappy quality and no fun, so i would avoid one.

    I would recommend a 1991 honda civic, but cars from back then are pretty unsafe compared to those of the late 90’s

  11. Young Garcelon said:

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