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Why do women in their 30s start gaining fat on their faces?How do i avoid gaining fat on the face?

I mean as we age the whole shape of the face changes, mostly the face becomes so round because of the fat. While the actresses and all, even though they are aged their face seem to stay the same, the same shape. How do i make sure that i dont gain fat on my face as i age?

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8 Responses to “Why do women in their 30s start gaining fat on their faces?How do i avoid gaining fat on the face?”

  1. holy d said :

    huh? my face isnt fat

  2. kristinelawrence said :

    dont get fat and your face wont get fat period

  3. MT K said :

    Women look better with a fuller face, they dont age or suffer with lines and wrinkles like a thin faced person

  4. Samurai X said :

    Keep eating healthy and work out, all fat forms the same way.

  5. redneckbyinj said :

    First of all actresses have make up crews,personal trainers, etc. …never mind plastic surgeons. Trying to look like people that you see on t.v. is unrealistic and thoroughly damaging to your ego. if you eat well and exercise to keep weight gain in check you shouldn’t be getting a fat face. Gaunt is not beautiful…normal is beautiful.

  6. iqbsrob said :

    You can continue to have a lean face with exercise and eating a balanced and moderate diet. Make sure your not eating foods that you are allergic to. Most people are eating too much sugar, wheat, MSG and dairy products. These product can cause this problem find more information about these at, read about MSG, gluten, sugar and preservatives.

  7. dontknow said :

    you must be in your 20’s. well I’m out of my 30’s and can tell you the only reason my face was fat was because the rest of me was. now that the weight is gone, my face shape is the way it used to be. some people show excess weight in their face first, some in their chest first. wish i was one of

  8. Terri B said :

    It usually the other way round,we lose facial fat as we get older. I think as you get older a little extra fat keeps your face looking youthful, I think the ones that gain fat on their face are the lucky ones!


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