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Why do motorbike and car tyres differ in tread?

The tread on a motorbike looks bald, but car tyres have deeper tread why, when they both do the same job?

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6 Responses to “Why do motorbike and car tyres differ in tread?”

  1. joe b said:

    Weight and responce. two different vehicles two tires types.

  2. Fred Roy's Dead said:

    They don’t both do the same job! When was the last time you saw a car lean over 30 degrees to take a corner. The less tread = more rubber on the road. Since motorcycles only have two wheels you need the bigger contact patch provided by less tread on the tire.

  3. lindajohn57 said:

    The main difference is because bikes lean over on corners so the tread must wrap around the tyre, cars are a lot heavier so the tyre must be more robust. Worn out bike tyres are dangerous, the contact area with the road is about the size of the palm of your hand.Bike road tyres are completly different to off road tyres so using the correct tread type is important.

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