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Why are my brakes noisy ?

Noisy brakes are a very irritating problem that also means that your car’s brakes need some attention. The kind of maintenance required in brakes with problem depends on the nature of noise it creates. Some noise caused by car brakes are not so serious, the noise mostly came from dust or materials use for the brake pads. Other cases may come from brake components malfunctioning and need some adjustments or sometimes, replacements.

If noise brakes come with braking problems, you should take the car for some inspection and maintenance. Common cause of noisy brakes is dusts; if it reaches the brake pads, it will create a very irritating noise. This problem can easily be fixed by simply dampening the brake pads. Some components to make brake pads today include metallic materials, these makes pad last longer but it makes the brake to squeal.

Worn out brake pads may also cause your brakes to produce irritating noise. If you hear your brakes producing this sound, physically inspect them, most cars nowadays have indicator strips that whistle if your brake pads need replacements. You should check your brakes pads for wear and tear, if it is, replace them immediately to avoid more damage on your car brakes. Thoroughly look on all your brake components and check if everything is well snug and tight, make sure no hardware is missing or loose. As you check your brakes’ components, do some lubrication for quieter and smoother operation.

The most serious problem regarding noisy brake is a damaged drums or rotors. This problem occurs if you fail to replace brake pads. Worn out pads make the rotors to scratch metal-to-metal, rotor replacement or resurfacing are the only and expensive way to fix this problem. Remember to address to your car’s brakes if it starts producing noise as early as possible to avoid damage that is more serious. It is very important for a car to have fully functional brakes, be familiar with your car and how it normally feels to be alerted if maintenance in needed.

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