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Where I can find how to repair car step-by-step video online?

I would like to repair some simple problems of car myself. I want to know any website that can show me the step by step repair.

Thank you

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4 Responses to “Where I can find how to repair car step-by-step video online?”

  1. redneck_devil_1975 said :

    Auto zone sells dvd’s for any type of repair. or can get a Chiltons on dvd that will do the same thing.

  2. gary o said :

    None are free.But CBT has a training video and has detailed on line information for an annual fee.

  3. Rainman said :

    You can try Haynes Repair Manueals too. I know they have books but don’t know about videos. They are not as technical as Chilton’s and they are easier to understand.

  4. W K said :

    Get a repair manual from your dealer or from a local auto parts store. It’s much easier to flip book pages while working under the car.


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