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What’s in a car emergency kit ?

Some people take planning emergencies for granted – the reason why most cars have no emergency kits. The sad part is that an emergency kit does not even cost that much. Often times, you’re certain that you have everything you need in the car and start to panic when you find out you don’t have it when the time comes that you need it. If you want an emergency kit for your car, but don’t have any idea what to put in it, here are some tips you might consider to help you decide what to store in your emergency kit.

Some of the items in your emergency kit are the common ones included in your first aid kit at home. The extra items that you should include in your car emergency kit will depend on your location. For example, if you’re from Florida, where snow falls in very rare occasions, people don’t have to include ice scrapper in their car emergency kit.

Booster cable is necessary in any car. Even if you do have any roadside assistance membership, it does not mean that you do not need a booster cable. If you are travelling in a rough road somewhere, it might take some time for your aid to dispatch and get to your location. You will see the importance of a booster cable if you are on this certain situation; however, it is not worth finding out. It is best to have one even though you don’t need it right now, so you won’t have to ask other motorists to give you a couple more miles you need to reach the next garage.

Your emergency kit should have all you needs on almost anything that could go wrong. You will benefit a lot from being prepared. Your items may include some band-aids, alcohol pads, burn creams, compact blankets and bandages. The items mentioned are the most needed in a car accident or some other emergencies.

A comfortable blanket will also come in handy in case of an emergency, especially when you are in a place where there is wintry weather. There could be an incident where your car is stuck in a heavy snow. You cannot leave the engine running for the snow may block your tailpipe, which can cause suffocation. You can use a blanket to keep you warm in this kind of situation.

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