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What will clean my motorcycle windshield?

I have an older motorcycle windshield that was left out in the weather & then it glazed over. Is there any cleaning stuff that will make it clear again. I really like this windshield.& want to keep it.

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11 Responses to “What will clean my motorcycle windshield?”

  1. Tomtabear said :

    I would try some stuff called show bike. Search the internet.

  2. Derick M said :

    Try wind-x.I use that shit all the time all around the dorm.Works like magic.

  3. greg e said :

    try a spray on furniture polish, i use mr sheen as it’s safe to use on perspex,glass and paint. it cleans and makes it easier to wipe the screen clean next time, i spray my fairings as well most dirt and grime wipes off.

  4. vf29_sandman said :

    never ever use anything on a windsheild other than pledge or warm water and soap. if u use windex, u’ll ruin it. i use pledge with very good results. harsh chemicals or pads will scratch the chit out of the windsheild.

  5. sandman said :

    If ultra-violet exposure glazed it ,it’s done

  6. Nomad said :

    There are two different products that were designed for use in the aircraft industry on lexan windscreens that have made it over to the powersports industry with excellent results.

    The first I’d try is a three step system by a brand called NOVIS. Use the #3 first to remove scratches, abrasions and discoloration. Go to #2 to polish it out, and finish with #1 to clean. You’ll probably have to ask for it at a shop, but it can be ordered by any Parts Unlimited retailer.

    The other product, primarily for cleaning and light polishing, is one called Plexus. This stuff just flat works and works GREAT. Best windshield / face shield cleaner I have ever used, and will not harm anything. I keep some in the bags for use while out riding. Even works on those damn B-52 bugs! *lol*

  7. brownie said :

    If it’s really glazed over you may not be able to save it. Use nothing but 1- warm water and mild soap 2- Pledge 3- A motorcycle windshield cleaner from a motorcycle shop. If you have to junk it, you may be able to just get the clear plastic part and save the hardware.

  8. V-Starion said :

    I like Nomad’s answer. Here is the link to where you can buy Novus online.

  9. gretsch16pc said :

    A pail full of hot H2o and a tablespoon of dish-soap or your favorite auto-soap.

  10. RGTIII said :

    Nomad is correct. I use NOVUS on my four bikes with windscreens. I also used it on my hot-tub enclosures plastic windows that had hard-water stains. This stuff is great. It’ll take a little work, but once you’re done, it’ll look like new again.

  11. Doug in TX said :

    best thing to do is replace it supper hard to clean plus now because of sun damage its brittle hit hard bump and can break off hit you and scare crap out of you


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