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What weight exercises should i do at the gym to build a healthy body?

I want to build lean muscle, not bulky muscle. What are some good exercises I should do at the gym with hand weights. Not the weight machines, I already do those.

I am also looking to be very healthy, the problem is I have fructose intolerance, meaning I can’t have sugars and other sugar alcohols. I can’t have a lot of fruit and vegetables (like apples, they are mostly fructose) so I am left eating a lot of carbs and meats. Any ideas?

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3 Responses to “What weight exercises should i do at the gym to build a healthy body?”

  1. Wilson said :

    It is vital to eat good to remain in good health. Acai berry is an awesome super food that keeps you in good health and also has the bonus of assisting you to lose lots of weight. There is a free trial on at the moment at , why not check it out, why not?

  2. Dave said :

    One thing I do to keep trim and I have found that it doesn’t give me those huge bulky muscles is to do isometric exercise, all it is is resistance exercise but it seems to work really well for me. I even bought a machine that helps record how hard I’m pushing.

  3. cop c said :

    I found a great diet plan on that I am addicted to. It has everything I need and everyone I would want to eat.

    No one is perfect and no one wants to stick to perfect food, but good food, so check it out.


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