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What was your first motorcycle, why you chose it, and were you satisfied?

I am looking around at different brands for purchasing my first bike. Interested in a cruiser, something similar to the Suzuki Boulevard C50T. The motorcycle would be mostly to travel to work and leisure.

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15 Responses to “What was your first motorcycle, why you chose it, and were you satisfied?”

  1. my_ducati996 said :

    My first motorcycle which i still have was a 2002 Ducati 750 SuperSport because it’s Italian and racing orginated in Italy before anyone knew anything about speed and Italians have a passion for making works of art and fast machines like Lamborghini, Ferrari, Ducati, Aprilia, MV Agusta, BiMota.

    I’ve been very satisfied because before I hated to wake up in the morning and now I wake up early just to ride it more before I get into work.

    This Benelli is a great streetfighter bike for both commuting and traveling, it’s one of the meanest bikes in a showroom:

  2. kenbgray said :

    Honda shadow, black and red, best bike I ever had.

  3. reddogrollen said :

    mine was a 1980 gl1100 gold wing. bought it with 20,000
    miles on it and sold it with over 250,000 miles on it and still running strong. check out different bikes to see how you fit on them. your size(height and weight) will deternine the right bike
    for you. the cuisers all have their own personalities. try several models and like i said see how you fit on one.
    and remember to take a motorcycle safety class to help with you riding skills.
    good luck and enjoy the ride

  4. berry_js said :

    yamaha v star custom. great, durable, cheap, and very stylish

  5. ninebadthings said :

    I was 15 and the first one I bought was a used 1976ish gold and white Triumph Bonneville 650, had been saving for a couple years. It was my pride and joy. Road it from Denver to Idaho and back alone when I was 16. Wish I still had it, but there are about 8 bikes I wish I still had.

  6. BabeHeart said :

    Yamaha V-Star 650 Silverado…I still have it and love it. It’s got enough power to run on the highway and keep up, but not too much power for a novice. It’s a good looking bike as well, and has been good to me.

    I chose it because it was a price i could afford, had 1 previous owner who had taken good care of it but didn’t ride it enough, and my more knowledgeable friend felt (rightly) that it would be a good starter bike for me.

  7. Jessi said :

    I have a suzuki S40. I love it, the only regret is I can only go 70. The c50T would be a great starter bike.

  8. ymmot ton said :

    I don’t think I can be of any help towards your pursuit, as my first motorcycle was manufactured well before you were most probably born.

    But , for what it’s worth..
    first bike- rm125 suzuki
    first street bike- 1971 Kaw 500

    I would suggest to you, as a new rider, that you buy something cheap and cheerful, so that you can get rid when you realise what it is that you want to ride.Don’t spend a lot of cash on a first bike… you might not even enjoy the experience, and then you’re stuck with payments until you can unload it at a bargain price.

  9. dreynolds699 said :

    my first was a 78 Kawaski KZ650 cruiser it was cheap only paid $600.00 for it and had a blast ,then later on I got a 79 Honda XL250 enduro or dual sport had even more fun with it and only paid $600.00 for it as well

  10. brand X said :

    My first bike was a Honda Shadow 500, then I moved up to the 750, and now I’m on a VTX 1300. I was happy with my first bike, but I’m never happy enough for too long.

  11. axodis said :

    My first bike was a 2004 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R. The price, the color, the feel, the goodies…It was ment to be. I actually went to go get a Hayabusa that was sitting next to it. I seen it one day, went back the next, the busa was gone. It was just ment to be. I still have it. But I lowered it and gave it to wife. I got a ZX10R to replace. I also have a 67′ BMW R50/2. It was actually givin to me. I love it. El Classico. Only bummer, it has a slow take off and only goes about 60mph…It’s no Ninja, but it’s just a awesome bike. The C50T is a awesome bike. A friend has one, I rode it home for him actually because he was not legal. Was a very very nice ride. Although, I am more of a fan of the Boulevard M109R/2/Limited. Those kind of remind me of a V-Rod a tiny bit, but they are nice and very comfy. I love them. When I get up the funds (once I get the 10R paid for) I plan on getting one.

  12. mike m said :

    1975 Yamaha DT400 it was a nice bike for street or trail had a lot of fun on that bike in the woods and the street.

  13. strech said :

    First bike?
    ’68 Triumph TR6.

    For sale and I could afford it.

    Yes, wish I still had it!

  14. reddishpa said :

    My 1st was a 1954 Triumph 650 single carb. I bought it because the price was right. It turned out to be a tuff litle bike. I had it about a year and a 1/2 and traded it on a 1959 Hydra-Glide (HD) . Its been HD ever since.

  15. Firecracker said :

    1974 Honda CL360.
    It was offered to me in almost showroom condition, with low miles, at a better than reasonable price, with private financing even. It was small enough to be a great learner bike, built in a fashion to handle any road I dare take. Dirt or tar.
    Satisfied? Very much so.

    That won’t help with your choice, I’m afraid.
    The C50 gets good marks.


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