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What security is there on a apple macbook pro?

I just broght my apple macbook pro and i need to know if there is any security in it already or if i need to install it. I already installed both CDs that came with the mac. Please help me!

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8 Responses to “What security is there on a apple macbook pro?”

  1. Coldsaur said :

    probably a crappy one because apple sucks hardcore crusty nips

  2. Richard B said :

    Macs do come with a firewall, and if you installed all the updates that Apple has put out, there is a tiny bit of anti-virus/anti-malware on there, but I’d install a full anti-virus/anti-malware suite on there just to be safe.

  3. Jessica Queller said :

    Security isn’t something you install. It’s a whole approach. If you want to make your Macbook Pro secure, do the following:

    1. Use a strong password.

    2. Download only open source free programs or paid programs. Do not pirate software, movies, or music.

    3. Do not enable root logins, file sharing, or SSH.

    4. Install Mac OS X updates regularly. Many of these are security updates.

    5. Instead of Safari, use Firefox with the NoScript extension.

    6. Read up on “social engineering” and how to avoid being the victim of it.

  4. sm said :

    You are using a Mac, so you need a different approach to security than Windows.
    Your Mac doesn’t need to run a virus scanner and dozens of spyware/malware programs to be safe.

    Just keep your Mac up to date, don’t install any software from torrents, enable the built in Mac firewall and you are good to go.

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