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What motorcycle parts store can i go to to buy motorcycle clutch cable. Are all clutch cables the same?

My clutch cable just broke from where the clutch lever is. So I need to buy new clutch cable. Can i go to autozone or pep boys or someplace to buy clutch cable. Are car and motorcycle clutch cables the same?

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7 Responses to “What motorcycle parts store can i go to to buy motorcycle clutch cable. Are all clutch cables the same?”

  1. kelly_f_1999 said :

    honda motorcycle go to honda dealer
    ktm motorcycle go to ktm dealer

    have to order from dealer who made it or know what bike it goes to and look it up online some place
    and no they not all same you need one just for that year that model to fit it
    some bike shops maybe point you right way no auto parts store carry parts for motorcycles oil maybe spark plug no parts need a dealership for that

  2. kw13815 said :

    No, cables are not all the same. You will need to go to a bike shop and get one made for your bike that is the correct length and has the proper cable ends to fit. If there is not a bike shop nearby, try this link:

  3. Firecracker . said :

    Cables are not the same.
    You can’t get motorcycle parts at an auto parts store.
    You can get a new cable from a dealership that sells your brand of cycle.
    You can get one at an independent shop that fixes motorcycles.
    You can order one online from one of the many aftermarket suppliers.
    Depending on the bike, it may not be on the shelf and need to be ordered.

  4. River Euphrates said :

    Clutch cables vary from bike to bike, and unless you want to have to heavily modify one, you probably want to get the exact one for your bike (although it might be a few extra bucks).

    What make/model of bike do you have?

    Try searching online for that bike and ‘clutch cable’, and you should be able to find what you need.

  5. molitor said :

    Is what you need to know to get the proper part. Dealer, or save tax and buy on line. There is no universal one size fits all magic cable available.

  6. Ming said :

    the site will help you locate the clutch cable that you need to buy. you need to make sure you buy the exact one that is for the same make, model, year as your bike for it to be a direct replacement.

  7. LifeRyder said :

    Just how green are you? Common Sense is not that common…apparently.


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