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What kind of Motorbike can I drive at 17?

I got my provisional license and I’ve got about £1,000 to get a motorbike (not a scooter).
But what are the restrictions on the bike? Something about 125cc engine and not being able to go on motorways?

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5 Responses to “What kind of Motorbike can I drive at 17?”

  1. Bex said :

    125s are allowed on a motorways but learners are not.

    tell u what, when you do your cbt they will tell you.

  2. tonymini145 said :

    best 125cc i can recommend to you buddy is any honda 125, as long as its four stroke it will last forever without needing much done to it.

    2 stroke engines break all the time as they are alot revvier and not ridden by mature people

  3. ITBiker said :

    If you want a sports bike: go for a cagiva mito 125
    If you want a cruiser style: go for the Suzuki Maurauder 125

    You cant go on motorways without a full driving license, regardless of what youre riding but your CBT guys will give you a full lowdown on that.

  4. Twisted_Ace said :

    You can ride anything up to 125cc and less than 14.6bhp.

    You cannot ride or drive any motor vehicle on motorways with ‘L’ plates (L.G.V. and P.C.V. learners excepted).

  5. Muay Thai, Krav Maga & JKD said :

    Take your A Catergory test then go onto an A1 Catergory test which will allow you to ride a motorbike which is 33bhp or you can get a bigger bike and restrict it.

    For example – a CBR600 which is restricted to 33bhp but as you are a new rider the Kawasaki Ninja 250r would be more ideal.


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