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What kind of car should a vegetarian own?

I stay away from Japanese cars because of their non-vegetarian lifestyle. I shouldnt buy a car from a comapany that has leather interiors in some models. I should look for cars that are built by vegetarians or the company employs many vegetarians.

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8 Responses to “What kind of car should a vegetarian own?”

  1. weet_a_bix_are_better said :

    a bike.

  2. wineduchess said :

    WOW, guess you’ll walk. Can’t find a car maker with your criteria.

  3. Queeny queen said :

    guess you find a stone car. and that is expensive.

  4. Common Sense said :

    Vegetarians should ride bicycles…

  5. serin7300 said :

    A rabbit.

  6. Justin H said :

    Well my wife is a vegetarian, and she drives a Ford Escort… What do vegetarianism and what kind of car you drive have in common? Maybe the question should be “What kind of car should a HIPPIE own? I’m kidding 🙂 I tease my wife about that all the time.

    But seriously, last I checked, there were no meat-based cars. Just decline when they ask if you’d like the leather interior option.

  7. jim m said :

    just get one that eats up a lot of roads ,and runs on veggy oil, help save the planet

  8. Joe K said :

    BIO Diesel, you get the benift of having a car and mostly free fuel (if your not afraid of a little oil).


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