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What is the optimal angle for a motorcycle ramp?

I am building a ramp for a motorcycle and need to know how long the ramp should be to load the motorcycle safely. The trailer height is 20″.
it is a 1300 vtx.cruiser. It is approx. 6 inch at the frame

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4 Responses to “What is the optimal angle for a motorcycle ramp?”

  1. speedracertdi said :

    Depends on the ground clearance of the bike.

  2. St_Peter_YDoncha said :

    Thats nice. Now, dirt bike or drag bike? CLearance is key…

  3. solara437 said :

    Unless you’re planning on riding up the ramp, good luck,for a normal size,about 23 degrees.

  4. dreamwever4u2 said :

    My Harley has a ground clearance of 4.4″ , the height of my trailer is 22″ . The ramp I built is 30″ wide and 7’8″ long. This works great as I can ride it up the ramp and back it down while on the bike using the brakes to keep it under control.

    I ride the bike in and slide the ramp into the brackets I built. I then hook up to the motor home and away I go. When I get where I am going I off load the Harley by putting the ramp in the slots and getting on the bike and back it down the ramp using the side rails of the ramp for support and the brakes to keep it under control.


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