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What is the oiliest, greasiest, dirtiest repair job on a car a mechanic is forced to do

Which car repair jobs get you covered in grease and oil the worst?

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6 Responses to “What is the oiliest, greasiest, dirtiest repair job on a car a mechanic is forced to do”

  1. aero said :

    Probably work on the underneath of a car, especially if it’s leaking badly.

  2. Pedro S said :

    in my book…rear end gears,,,ball joints,,,,really depends on how dirty car is,,,

  3. ron01843 said :

    No one is “forcing” them to do anything. That said; Working under a poorly maintained vehicle in the wintertime with bad seals or gaskets. The wet road still splashed on the motor and under-carriage. Bad seals and gaskets will include months and maybe years of letting the problem exist. So everything is covered and sometimes encrusted. So, by the time the mechanic/tech gets it, it’s major cleanup just to get to the parts needed to be mantained. Normal oil changes and draining the transmission pan are not that bad. Routine in fact.

  4. not said :

    There isn’t one job that is dirtiest. There are maintained cars and neglected cars, the neglected have grease and dirt issues. Often the dirtiest job on a car for me is working on the interior, people are disgusting. Some I hang my head out the window to escape the smell when driving them inside due to the urge to hurl. Some I do refuse to work on, I am not going to lay down on their gooey matted sticky carpet.

  5. baldie said :

    i would say working on the rear end or changing ball joints. changing ball joints you have to deal with all that grease and dirt.

  6. [email protected] said :

    transmission work or rear end work and sometimes engine work if there is a lot of built up grease on the engine.


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