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What is the best motorcycle for new riders?

I m thinking for getting a motorcycle, but i have no idea which one to get. I want to get one that looks good and easy to control because I’m new at riding.

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5 Responses to “What is the best motorcycle for new riders?”

  1. Bob F said :

    Consider a moter scooter. There are some great looking scooters out there and they are fun to drive and easy on the wallet.

  2. [email protected] said :

    One that your comfortable with sitting on and doesn’t feel to heavy. Size is not all that important common sense. It would not do to learn on a 1300cc sport bike of course. There are many fine motorcycle made between 250cc to 750 cc standard and cruiser styles that you could learn on. Of course you should take a MSF course. But sit on some get the feel of them. What feels good in five minutes in the show room may not after a hour on the highway. Do not let peer pressure make your mind for you unless they are going to make your payments. Also there are many fine scooters made now days that are really fun good rides. As far as brands try looking at Kymco and Hyosung they have many good styles and are not as expensive as the Jap Name brands and are just as good and in many cases better.

  3. grlz_rck said :

    Kawasaki Ninja 250.
    They are smaller, cheaper, and easy to learn on.
    Only problem.. it has no leg protection. And you’ll want a faster one when ur more experienced.
    Thats if u still have ur legs….

  4. alivetoridedotcom said :

    Ease of control is mainly based off the engine size – the smaller the engine the easier the bike is to control.

    Personal comfort preference will also determine what bike YOU will have more control over. Some people feel much more comfortable on a sports bike compared to a cruiser -others – vice versa. It all depends on how relaxed and comfortable you feel on the particular bike. However, it has been generally stated that dirt bikes are the easiest to control (as they are designed for maximum control).

    Your best bet would be to take a rider training course at a school that provides various types of bikes that you can try throughout your training. This way you get to try out what type of bike suits you the best.

    In terms of ‘looking good’ well that is also subjective to personal opinion.

    IMO – the Honda CBR is one hell of a sexy beast.

  5. Juliette Holstine said :

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