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What is the best motorcycle for new comer?

I have been looking into getting a motorcycle and I was wondering what would be the best type for someone new to motorcycles? I am looking looking into something around 250cc. I heard the Ninja 250r is great. Any suggestions/ tips on makes or modules? Thanks for your time

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9 Responses to “What is the best motorcycle for new comer?”

  1. Kurt T said :

    the best bike for a beginner is the one they can afford. Nothing fancy. if you drop it, so what? any small cruiser style 250 to 500 cc’s that is in good shape,preferably used. if you decide you really don’t like riding as much as you thought,you can regain most or even all your investment.Before you spend any money on a bike, Take an MSF (motorcycle safety foundation) course. they are available at a lot of community colleges. Google MSF. They supply a bike and teach you ,not only how to ride,but how to stay alive on the street.They also usually supply the bikes, show you how it should fit and how the controls should feel. all very important when looking at a first bike.

  2. Yevgen said :

    Kawasaki Ninja 250R. Great reliability, and it’s very popular for a reason. You get the looks of the big boys and lots of fun in the higher RPM range! I still own one myself! (Mine’s an ’06):

    The newer generation models look better, but I like some stuff about the older ones. Try them out, you might like the new generation of Ninja’s better, since they have more modern looks. It’s definitely the bike to get as a starter! Good luck & hope you enjoy riding man.

  3. Just me said :

    Kawasaki Ninja 600CC

  4. Mantis Toboggan said :

    Although it depends greatly upon what type of riding you plan on doing, you probably want to look for something with a relatively low displacement that is easy to maneuver. With that being said, however, you don’t want a bike that you’ll grow out of quickly. The 250cc “ninjette” is a nice bike, but you’ll probably grow out of it relatively quickly. If you’re looking for a sportbike-style motorcycle, I might suggest something along the lines of the 500cc Ninja, or perhaps the Suzuki GS500F. There are plenty of used bike options as well, and there are a lot of websites that provide helpful reviews. More important than the size of the bike, however, is how you ride it.

  5. Serial Stunter JIMMYFALLONSUCKS! said :

    A 250 is for toddlers. Beleive me, you’ll kick yourself if you buy anything less than 500cc. Within 2 minutes of riding a 250 you’ll be begging for more power.

  6. AngelV said :

    Hi Adam! I’m in the same situation as yourself. I’ve read a few local forums and most suggest:-

    Kawasaki GPX250
    Kawasaki ZZR250

    The above are the old-school “Ninja’s” they are not considered Ninjas here in Australia but those were it’s labels in other countries eg. Japan, US, Europe.

    However, if you want brand new, the new 2010 Ninja’s can be had for $7000 on road.

    Other bikes to the same “style” as the Ninja that gets recommended for beginners are:-

    Honda CBR250R/RR
    Aprilia RS125 – this is only 125cc but because it’s 2 stroke it has the guts of a 250. However, being 2 stroke the maintenance is apparently more than a 4 stroke 250 which is what the Ninjas are.
    Honda NSR150

    All the best and keep us updated on what you decide to go for.

  7. LARRY said :

    If you think you will be riding motorcycles more than 1 year, forget about the 250. You will be ready for something more after one season. The Kawi EX500, the Suzuki GS500 or the Suzuki SV650 are your best bets. Both have been out for years, so you should be able to score one at a decent price. Personally, I love the SV. My cousin took the MSF course and bought one of their bikes afterward. It was a 500 Buell Blast (which I would not recommend). I showed her the SV and she bought it. A few months later she was still thanking me for pointing her in the right direction.

  8. [email protected] said :

    a Harley softail standard.

  9. Dan W said :

    First, take a safe riding course, drivers ed for bikes.
    The BEST bike is used. You will fall over, not crash, several times in your first year and a new bike,especially a sport bike is traumatic and expensive.
    a bare fraMED BIKE, A CRUISER OR STANDARD in good condition, dents and dings don’t count is good. There are a LOT of bikes that drives the price down, if you don’t like a bike scratch it off the list and go on. Ride it for a year then buy a new dream bike.
    A cruiser is more user friendly, the Ninja is a quick steering machine


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