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What is the best car to look into buying if you plan on traveling alot?

Im 16 and about to buy a car in 2 months, im graduating and going to college in california and i live near georgia so im not to close. so i need a car thats good for traveling, im looking into buying a car like a jeep grand cherokee or something that size but a smaller car would do to. any suggestions?

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3 Responses to “What is the best car to look into buying if you plan on traveling alot?”

  1. Wiz said :

    I would suggest looking at a Subaru Forester. They get about 29 mpg on the road are full-time 4 wheel drive and one of the most reliable SUVs around. The Grand Cherokee is a good vehicle, especially for winter driving, but no better than the Forester and has much worse gas mileage. You might try doing a test drive in one.

  2. spacemonkey1958 said :

    First off no jeeps. You dont really need a snow car since you live in Georgia and California. Subaru’s are nice but why pay for the all wheel drive if you dont need it. Find a small 2wheel drive SUV, something like a Ford Escape, Chevy Equinox, Toyota Rav4, etc etc. with the 2 wheel drive you will still get decent gas milage and have room for stuff and friends. Theres tons of these small utility vehicles out there, new and used you will have plenty to choose from.

    I dont know how much you want to spend or if you want new or used so I didnt really reccomend a specific model, but in general stick with a small 2wheel drive SUV.

  3. Tech Dude said :

    You should get a 2009 Toyota Corolla. It is fuel effficient, and great for long trips.


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