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What is the best car to drive in New York City for someone that has never driven there before?

For example is it good to have a powerful engine but a small car? Is it good to have a car that can accelerate quickly or any type would do? What car do you drive yourself in NYC and how do you like it? Please, try to suggest smth reasonable, no sports or luxury cars. Thnx.

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14 Responses to “What is the best car to drive in New York City for someone that has never driven there before?”

  1. simon_sainteclaire said :

    its not the size that matters,

    best thing to do is get a GPS navigator.

    I have never driven in Sydney which is a nightmare , but when you have the naivigator on and you do not have to worry about when to turn where driving is a cinch.

    Forget the car , get a navigator . i guarenttee you will not look back

  2. Paca said :

    A taxi.

  3. Better_than_you said :

    Some thing small…not powerfull and gets good gas mileage.

  4. Richard said :

    I have driven in NYC many, many times and I don’t recommend it to anyone. If you must, drive a solid, beat-up car with good pick-up and handling, and that’s comfortable for spending time standing still in traffic.

  5. starting over said :

    Drive something you are comfortable with. I got lost on the way to pick up my son a few months ago, it was my 1st time driving in NYC. I drove in Manhattan- (I wanted to go see the Intrepid – but not in a driveby), Harlem, yonkers, the Bronx and Queens – like I said..I was lost.

    I drove my 4 cylinder minivan – not small, not powerful and and no problems. Just be comfortable with what you are driving, you should not be searching for windshield wipers and fumbling looking for radio buttons.

  6. vincent c said :

    a taxi abus a train

  7. Nightmare said :

    subway, bus, train,taxi

  8. inspiredbyme said :

    If you MUST drive into New York, ensure it is a smaller car that you don’t mind dings. Besides knowing where you are going (GPS unit, Mapquest directions), at some point you are going to have to leave the car in a garage. This is why the smaller car is better — although the parking attendants will tell you they can do any car, I would be happier myself with a smaller car to ensure there was enough room where they park (they leave no space beside, in front of, or behind the car).

    There are no issues with power, but please ensure your brakes work well. Do not honk (illegal), be patient, know you will get lost and be okay with that, and I think you will have a good time …

  9. mr danger said :

    you still want to drive in NYC don’t you ?
    GPS is useless in this environment
    The ability to read and interpret street signs is critical as is an accurate watch to tell you the proper time day . Many traffic rules are based on what time of day an event is happening; parking , turns, lane usage etc.
    A no flash car that you don’t mind dinging is perfect and has the fewest blind spots possible. Avoid stick shifts.
    When driving you need to have your head on a swivel at all times and your mirrors need to be set properly.
    Manhattan is a completely dynamic and always changing driving environment and what messes up newbies is getting their inability to get their brains up to Manhattan street speed. You have see everything and everything is changing on a second by second basis.
    You should drive one handed with your dominant hand somewhere between 11:00 and 1:00 o’clock on the wheel. This allows you to make quick lateral movements.
    Lastly avoid the middle of the island until you actually have to get into it. Make your N/S times along the edges and then turn into the middle only when you have to.

  10. Esq. said :

    Since most of the time you are sitting still in traffic I would suggest a smaller car (good on gas mileage) with a larger engine in it. Nissans, Hondas, Toyotas, Mazdas, are all terrific brands. Don’t buy a new one, cars get very beat-up there.

    Have you consider cabs, the bus or the subway ? Parking in Manhattan is extremely expensive, and the insurance is too.

  11. nj2pa2nc said :

    if you are not used to NYC streets I would not recommend driving . I would either walk, take the subway, bus or even a taxi.

  12. XenonAudio said :

    That’s a tough one, because there’s not much to choose from
    once you eliminate the sports and luxury cars. I have one for
    you though if you are considering a used car. The 1986-87
    Honda CRX Si. This is very little, very quick, and very nimble.

  13. anywherebuttexas said :

    I’ve lived and driven in NY all my life. My favorite car for city traffic is an old Mercedes Diesel, the current one is a 1987 190D Turbo. If you want something newer, go for a recent Jetta Diesel. The reasons:

    1) You really don’t need a huge amount of power, because you’re not going anywhere fast.
    2) Diesels are very easy on fuel, even when stuck for hours in city traffic (My 190D gets 30 mpg in bad traffic, and 37 highway)
    3) Mercedes Diesels are tough cars, hard to break
    4) Old cars are better in a this city, because you will inevitably pick up dents and crunches as your drive around. Why do that to a pretty new car?
    5) You can get decent one of mid-80’s or early 90’s vintage for under $5K, and they will give you up to 300K miles of service without a peep.
    6) Mercedes will supply roadside assistance at no cost, no matter how old the car is.
    7) Parts are easy to find, high quality, and cheap.
    8) Once you fix something, it stays fixed. So if you get an old Merc Diesel and fix problems as they occur, after a while the car is perfect.
    9) Even an old Mercedes is a classy, comfortable ride. Vintage Merc’s can be head turners if the bodies are well maintained.
    10) When you jam down on the accelerator, they give a little burst of smoke, which can be used to get tailgaters off your back. (ha ha).

  14. al b said :

    sherman tank 🙂


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