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What is the Average weight for my age and height?

I am 13 5’3 and weight 129 pounds. I already calculated my bmi which is 22.5 which is considered healthy but i am still pudgy. I need a target weight. So whats the average weight for me.

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5 Responses to “What is the Average weight for my age and height?”

  1. ken said :

    89 pounds

  2. .Faerie. said :

    The average weight in 100 pounds, considering all those other girls think they need to be anorexic to get boys and look pretty.

  3. thomas said :

    BMI of 20 is what it takes to get in the Air Force

  4. Rose . said :

    hi dear
    your weigth is perfect as per your height…

  5. JJ♀ {JαѕмιиєJσ} said :

    Actually your BMI is 22.9, which is overweight for your age.

    The healthy BMI range for a 13 year old girl is 15.2 – 22.5,
    that’s 86 – 127 lb for your height, the medium point of that is 107 lb.


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