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What is a kit car ?

Back in the earlier years of the automobile industry, kit cars became a popular choice for motorists. These kit cars refer to automobile packages of prefabricated components. With the use of the right tools and equipments, it can be assembled into a car; hence, the name kit cars.

Kit cars are cars built by hobbyists out of automobile kits. Normally, people who prefer to build their own cars find everything they need in automobile kits, except for the transmission and engine. However, most hobbyists who loved to assemble cars simply choose to get parts not included on their kits at garages or salvage yards that offer car parts.

The first kit car design is known to be developed in United Kingdom in 1896. Back in the day, Thomas White developed a design for a basic automobile, which is possible to be built in any home garage. This is actually the one that spur all the ideas in building a kit car that includes all the necessary parts. Before, most kit cars also include the transmission and the engine. However, hobbyists find that buying from local engines bought separately is much cheaper than the one included in kits.

When the mass production of cars started, the idea of assembling a car out of kits began to be less appealing to those who can get a well-built car in a very affordable price. Then after a couple of decades, kit cars started to be forgotten. Once again, the idea bloomed during the 50’s when designing and assembling kit cars started to come into fashion.

The reemerging of the kit cars is no longer for saving money but for the concept of giving hobbyists the opportunity to create an imitation of a well known or a classic automobile design. These parts were again introduced to the market. Commonly, the parts they include on the kits are no longer being produced, which attract most hobbyist of assembling cars that was outside the norms for contemporary designs of an automobile.

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