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What is a car radiator ?

Cars normally produce heat due to the friction from its moving parts. Even with the lubrication provided by the oil that is being pumped in, it is not enough to overcome the excess heat, causing some parts of the engine to become boiling hot. Total failure of the engine may occur if these parts are left in this temperature. One way of preventing this is the mixture of anti-freeze and water brought to the engine block’s chambers that will draw the heat away from the engine’s vital parts and keep it cool. Once this coolant passes the engine block, it will exit through the radiator through a rubber hose.

The radiator of a car was developed with multiple chambers and folds to maximize the area. The excess heat comes out through the walls of the radiator with the aid of electrical fan or driven belt as the hot engine coolant move in between chambers. The electrical fan or driven belt helps in accelerating the cooling process of the engine while the air coming from the outside front of the engine cools the radiator. Once the engine coolant goes back in the radiator, it will be cool enough to go back to the engine block. However, if there is blockage or the flow reduces due to insufficient fluid, the engine will continuously boil.

It is important to keep the level of the coolant to avoid fluid loss, especially on a long drive or as hot weather. The radiator does not have electrical parts of its own, but there are special sensors that register the coolant’s temperature as it passes the radiator. An engine coolant does not have to be cool in particular to work, however, there are normal parameters considered which will be effective and cool enough to lower the temperature of the engine parts.

If something goes wrong with the radiator like a broken hose or a leak, the car’s operating system will reach a dangerous level within a couple of minutes. If this happens, the engine of the car must be put to rest and cool in a natural way before it can be safely driven to the mechanic.

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