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What exactly is a rebuilt car title and how does it work?

Im looking to purchase a car, and one of the cars im looking at has a rebuilt title. It is a very nice car and i looked at it and the owner looks like he spent a lot of time on it. When i checked it out i met him at the body shop he worked at. He said he bought it damaged and had it fixed up in the body shop for way less than going through insurance and thats why it has a rebuilt title. The car is in very good shape. I need to know some of the things to look for such as vin numbers with different parts, and how exactly to transfer the title if i purchase it without getting jipped.

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4 Responses to “What exactly is a rebuilt car title and how does it work?”

  1. dodge man said :

    this means the car has been wrecked ,and the title will remain that way on the car forever,most people now though wont fool with a rebuilt title because of the complications from them, if done right most vehicles will look and drive ok,but they also can have hidden problems,and these problems may cost you a lot of money later on down the line,so look it over real good,i strongly advise you to stay away from re-built titles ,they usually are problems cars from the beginning to the end,and most people have figured this out now,good luck hope this helps.

  2. David said :

    I wouldnt recommend it my cousin thought the same thing with her 2002 Toyota Avalon XLS and BOY was SHE WRONG!!! they gave her a 6 month warranty and its been a year and she needs new paint and ALL kinds of rattling noises and the rebuilder/seller wont help her out any my suggestion find a car without it…and she paid 15,000 for the car and SALVAGE lots wont even give her 8500 for it before all of these complications came out! and NO dealer would even look at the car b/c of the title so WATCH OUT! Hope i Helped!

  3. bikertrash said :

    It means the car was in an accident and was most likely totaled that is why a body shop employee has it, he bought it wrecked an threw it together to make a quick buck. Just because it is shiny and pretty doesn’t mean it is a nice car, if you polish a turd, it is still a turd. I used to work in a body shop and did several re-builders, I would never sell one to a friend or family member because they are junk. Do yourself a favor and hang up whenever you call on a car and they answer body shop. When people do re-builder it is to make money, AKA as cheap as possible, not to make a nice car. The title is marked rebuilt because the lawmakers in your state are trying to protect you from buying a POS.

  4. Max 3 said :

    I read those three opinions before i give my opinion.
    It doesn’t mean that the car is in a bad condition
    -Now from my experience I;m telling you something .
    At this moment I have a rebuilt Honda Civic in my garage I bought the car almost a 2 years ago and the only problem that I had was that I changed the brake-rotors so far I’m very happy with my car and there was not even a single other problem with that drives excellent handles very well .The color is shiny like it used to be.
    So whats the problem whatsoever If you like the car go for it is not a big deal if is for you
    You don’t buy the car for somebody else
    The only thing I recommend you is that if you plan to sell the car right after you buy it you will loose little more money because of the rebuild title.
    Other than that you’re fine.
    Good luck


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