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What different styles of 125cc motorbike are there?

I’m looking to buy a 125cc motorbike but I don’t have that much to spend.
I’d like to know what different styles of motorbike there are, and an example of each would be appreciated too.

Thanks in advance 🙂
I’d like to know more about the different styles, like what the names of different types of bike are. The few I know are cruiser, scrambler, trial. What other types are there?

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6 Responses to “What different styles of 125cc motorbike are there?”

  1. Tommy said :

    i like the Honda CR 125

  2. Fireballs said :

    i have a tt-r 125 Yamaha and i love it. it runs great and i havent had any problems with it. but there is the yamaha brand or honda or suzuki or kawasaki or off brands like red cat but it all depends on what you want it for. if you race them then the kawasaki or suzuki would be the best or for trail riding i would go with the yamaha or honda. there are some good deals on ebay.

  3. Nikc said :

    I am sorry for my english. Firstly you must know what kind of motorbike you like ? there are many kinds. streets are bikes for good roads. motard and supermotard are for streets ant mud too. but i must warning you that bikes at 125 cc are extremelly expencive. i advise you to whate to buy a 250 or 450 motor ! finnaly the best solution for me is YAMAHA WR125X OR YAMAHA YZF R125.

  4. Jerad said :

    there’s dirt bike,cruiser,standard,sport,naked,cafe racer,and chopper styled motorcycles.[note] naked bikes are motorcycles with out fairings and body work,naked bikes can either be put in to the sport or standard category depending on the ergonomics (riding position) of the bike. you have basically same variety of styles as the bigger cc bikes, only the smaller bikes are limited pickings because allot of brands don’t produce variety (styles) of small bikes like this,cause the majority of people go for the bigger cc bikes.

    i have a appreciation for all the styles of motorcycles,i’m not partial to any style as i like them all.

    as far as being partial to a brand..well i have my favorites just like anyone else.

  5. Twisted_Ace said :


  6. Matt abcd said :

    your best bet is got to a local motorcycle shop and browse around i would reccomend going on craigslist and find a used motor cycle in your area you will save alot of money buying a used bike and the bike may have many expensive upgrades


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