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What car has a cross as its symbol to represent the car type?

You know how the volkswagen has a V inside a W as its representation, well this car had a cross as its symbol. Anyone know what car im talking about (also im pretty sure its an expensive car)

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8 Responses to “What car has a cross as its symbol to represent the car type?”

  1. Derail said :

    An older Jaguar maybe? Not sure though.

  2. memphisthomas1971 said :


  3. milwaukee1903 said :

    toyota has a symbol that looks like a cross. you got any thing to show to help us out.

  4. jagu366 said :

    Might be an Alfa-Romeo

  5. left_behind_again said :

    Sounds like a lincoln to me..

  6. xx_satanic_mechanic_xx said :

    more details… was it just a cross? Was it a raised ornament on the hood, or an emblem on the car somewhere? Was the cross part of or inside something?

    Lincoln’s logo looked like a cross for a long time:

  7. chris r said :

    those other guys were right. lincoln continental had a cross within a square for more years than i can remember. i think they still do.

  8. C7S said :

    The Chevy Symbol is a horizontal cross.
    Lincoln’s symbol is a cross.


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