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What can I buy for my friend – motorbike related?

I’m trying to decide what to get my friend for her birthday. She’s just bought a new motorbike so will probably already have all the essentials (helmet/jacket/gloves etc) so I’m looking for something she’ll love and not already have for her bike. Anything fun or functional for any price up to £150. Ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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7 Responses to “What can I buy for my friend – motorbike related?”

  1. Cannonbolt said :

    How bout a sat nav for the bike, you can buy them that are specially designed for motorcycles.

    Or im pretty sure a small one like the garmin models would work, and with bluetooth she can hear the directions using a ear piece.

  2. ma8xz said :

    Bike cover
    Bike wheel lock

  3. curmudgeon55 said :

    Perhaps a tank bag or set of throwover saddlebags? See if she has a rainsuit- some places need the rain gear 1 of 4 days riding. A case of oil for bike might be usefull. If she does some longer runs on weekends and parties hearty- first aid kit with wetwipes and aspirin might be used frequently, my kit got used frequently at rally sites at end of rally, lots of headaches and scrapes needing iodine and bandaids. Good boots always nice- mid calf and thick soled for protection and walking around. Depending on local laws a chainbelt can be a useful fashion statement- especially if quick release buckle and Kusari drill learned.
    A large adjustable spanner may be useful- if she has to thump somebody on foot area she can say he recieved a ‘wenched (wrenched)ankle’ (<-humor alert)

  4. Sali said :

    search google for different motorbikes you can afford.

  5. robynbiker said :

    look on they have soem great stuff to look at.

    You could get decals to girly her bike you…. if she likes that sort of thing.. get an onboard clock that mounts on the bars
    maybe some sort of bag for carrying stuff.. like a tank bag or panniers. or/and a helmet bag

    heated grips for the winter.
    security system/ locks
    bike cover

  6. philipscown said :

    From experience of women on bikes, who tend to suffer cold more than us blokes, you could go for heated clothing…

    This is just a sample – try googling “heated motorcycle clothing” for more.

    It’s not just about general comfort, it can increase safety (if she’s likely to ride in cold weather) and extend the riding season.

  7. Pioneer Nevada said :

    well i just bought a radio stereo thing, it’s a little weird but it’s fun, just do a ebay search for motorcycle speakers, the speakers are waterproof, and fit to the handlebars.


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