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What are the differences between an apple computer and another computer using a windows operating system?

Lets say you by a dell or gateway computer? or an apple computer. What do they do differently? I understand the operating systems are different,but what does that mean exactly? You still can surf the web? still receive email? Play games etc right. I understand its not as likely you will get a virus on a mac, what else is different?

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4 Responses to “What are the differences between an apple computer and another computer using a windows operating system?”

  1. tranceman said :

    The Mac is different than a regular PC, because the Mac’s Operating System is based on Unix. There are very few if not any viruses for unix based computers. You can surf the web, check email, etc on a mac. The new Mac’s have the Intel chips in them, so they can run either Mac OS and Windows

  2. naavi said :

    Apple computers were the first successful commercial large scale manufacturer of computers for regular use with successful development of Macintosh operating system ( derived from UNIX ), form early days Apple computers used to manufacture there hardware by themselves only i.e. even the processor was manufactured by Apple in collaboration with IBM and Motorola known as G series may be you have heard of G3, G4, G5 processors ( some of them were way ahead of Intel processors at some point of time.)

    Apple developed there way to develop full systems from software to hardware complete.

    While windows systems are totally different they can be installed on computer of any manufacturer such that u can install windows either on Intel chip, AMD chip, or Motorola or whatever but not on Apple chips.

    But now Apple has closed its line of processor range and have introduced Intel chips on Apple computers with Mac OS. But because of Intel chip u can install Windows on Apple computer but not Mac OS on any other system ( other than Apple ) because of there special scripting and hardware compatibilty.

    But as such both system whether Apple or Windows PC have same typology of components like both have processor, RAM, Hard-disk, etc.

    Also Apple were first to launch system with CPU embedded with Monitor system. ( known as iMac ) rather than conventional tower with monitor system. As such in past 10 years Apple has developed system with amazing aesthetic looks and hence more costly.

    In terms of OS they are completely different, windows is one thing while Mac other, they have some similar working GUI ( Graphical User Interface ), but Mac basic are different u install software on Windows but on Mac u just copy ur program no need to install or uninstall.

    Because they have been developed on completely different platform, software vendors have to release special versions for both OS, but because Windows was able to be installed on any Hardware, which were much cheaper and easily available than Apple systems, Windows became much popular more than 75% market share. So u can find more viruses for Windows than Mac

    But Mac OS is more stable and secure platform than Windows OS. Some software applications have different filetypes for Mac and Windows like without compatibility option on Adobe Photoshop file made on Mac OS may not open on Windows photoshop.

    Also Mac OS has different file system like on Windows only FAT n NTFS are compatible the Mac have different file system.

    Also Mac OS was first succesful GUI operating system, which later windows copied.

  3. rluchjo said :
  4. Eric said :

    IBM based (Windows) computers are the norm for the business world (except for hollywood), MACs are really more user friendly and stable for the novice user. Your lack of knowledge in this area tells me that you are probably a novice. so I would recommend a MAC for you, although I am strickly a power user in the business world so I stick to IBM based.

    There are a lot of other diffwerences and similarities, but those are very technical and I really do not think they will apply in your case.


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