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What are the benefits of being physically fit?

I have to hand write a 2 page paper on the benefits of being physically fit. Whoever types up a paper(it doesn’t have to be long because I write really big) will get the best answer. Please help me!

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3 Responses to “What are the benefits of being physically fit?”

  1. Kenzie said :

    It’s healthier for you and your body. Your body also is healthier in protecting its self, you can fight off colds and other illness’s off easier. You live longer and stronger.Doing some kind of physical activity or exercise on a regular basis helps to increase strength and flexibility, improve endurance, control weight, increase bone mass, and improve self-esteem, as well as reduce stress, anxiety, depression, and the risk of developing high blood pressure.One of the most important benefits of physical activity is that it actually lessens a person’s risk of developing or dying from many of the most common causes of serious illness and death in the United States. The risk of developing colon cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes is reduced through regular physical activity. Being physically active has also been proven to help build healthy bones, joints, and muscles. Furthermore, regular physical activity reduces the overall risk of dying prematurely from any cause. In fact, in 1995 the American College of Sports Medicine estimated that five times as many Americans die from being inactive than from losing their lives in car accidents. As people grow older, their lung capacity (how much air the lungs hold) grows smaller. Cardiovascular activity and exercise can combat this because aerobic activities actually increase lung capacity. So while lung capacity will continue to diminish because of age, with regular activity, especially aerobic activity, it will do so at a slower rate. physical activity also gives people increased energy throughout the entire day.
    The immune system, too, gets a big boost from regular physical activity. A healthy immune system helps fight colds, cancer, and other diseases, and speeds recovery from all kinds of injuries. The less time a person is ill, the more energy a person has to spend on living well.
    To have energy to function, the human body needs sleep. Sleep, as does food, gives us energy. And regular physical activity helps people sleep more soundly. The more soundly one sleeps, the more energy one saves up during that time, and the more energy a person has to work, play, study, and do all sorts of things.

  2. darks3ct0r13 said :

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  3. long island signs said :

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