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What are some exercises to lose oblique fat?

I’ve been workout for a while, and started doing ab workouts. I’m losing some belly fat, but I still have fat on the side obliques.

What are the best exercises, or cardio, that can help you get rid of the oblique fat on the sides?

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3 Responses to “What are some exercises to lose oblique fat?”

  1. Josh said :

    You can’t force your body to lose fat in a particular area, so any good fat burning workout will do.

    A good one is HIIT cardio (High Intensity Interval Training), which is a fancy word for sprints. It burns more fat calories per workout than regular cardio, and it boosts your metabolism for hours afterward.

    Example workout:

    5 minute jog warmup
    8 sprints, 30 seconds each, with a 60 second jog-rest in between each sprint
    5 minute jog cooldown

  2. rich99 said :

    You can not decide where to lose fat with exercise. The only way to lose those oblique fat is to lose fat overall by other means. General weight training and/or fat loss cardio work.

    What you can do is get bigger obliques by training them directly with oblique excercises.

  3. rampletero said :

    Try the Insanity workout. ALL of the routines have exercises for the core…especially Insane Abs and Cardio Abs. There’s some exercise there for obliques.


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