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What are running lights ?

Running lights are the ones on the frontend of car that turn on by itself as soon as the engine starts, which stays on as the engine runs. The brightness of a running light is not as much as the high beams or headlights. In the 1990s, Running lights were introduced in cars. There are no laws regarding running lights in America. However, in some European countries, a daytime running light is mandated.

The creation and use of running light has been a controversy in many car owners, but studies proved that running lights decreases the possibility of collision because increases the visibility of the car. However, many people think that running lights is not fuel efficient and may lead to the malfunction of other car lights at night.

The use of running lights only cost almost five dollars a year. The legitimate concern is actually minimal, but many car owners with daytime running lights disregard or forget to turn their running light on at night. Daytime running light operates on the front of the car and becomes very dangerous if forgotten at night.

Due to increased safety, manufacturers of almost all car models come standard with running lights. Most retailers sell retrofit daytime running light for cars that originally do not have one installed. Even if running lights are automatic, car owners should take responsibility of manually checking it and turning it on at night, especially when driving in a weather that causes poor visibility.

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