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what are my legal actions in car repair?

my friend agreed to fix my car for a fee when repair was finished. he hauld it away a year ago. I have bought the parts he needed, I have left him alone. I just recieved a call to come get the car. The motor is on the ground,car on blocks and the parts I bought are not installed. when this began the repairs were going to take 2 weeks. I live in Texas what are my legal choices,and do I actually have to pay him?
Are there any legal actions I can take?

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4 Responses to “what are my legal actions in car repair?”

  1. Dave87gn said :

    you can take him to small claims court, but since he doesnt sound like a business, he doesnt have the ablity to hold your car until payment is made

  2. sweetiefreck said :

    If he didn’t fix the car, why should you pay??

  3. tom7411 said :

    just tell him see you in small claims court.

  4. john e said :

    You should have picked your car up 10 later. It should have beeen plain that after that length of time he was not going to fix it. Make better deals. Have better friends.


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