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What Apple downloads help the most with school?

Have you ever downloaded any particularly helpful school-related programs from the Apple website? Like for keeping track of grades, etc? Thanks!

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6 Responses to “What Apple downloads help the most with school?”

  1. Jewels is Blk & Indian said :


  2. ~Giggles~ said :

    Didn’t know you could I should check that out :]

  3. Pastor Joanah said :

    I say download all Mac downloads. Start wide, expand further, and never look back.

  4. powershaker said :

    Apple has tons of stuff like that. If you want to keep track of grades, there’s a program for the Mac called Gradekeeper. There’s a version for Windows and Macintosh. The link is in the source below. If you want other pieces of educational software, this is a good link:

    You just got to Google and look around. There’s tons of educational software for the Macintosh. Here’s yet another link to educational software on the Mac:

  5. Stubby Boardman said :

    There are basics like the iWork suite, Photoshop, etc. But I happen to use Dictionary frequently as well as Spaces and Expose for managing multiple open windows. The only software I’ve downloading is Scrivener which is useful for managing documents in development. Check it out

  6. Diya said :

    This same question was asked 24 hours ago, didn’t you see it?


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